Freitag, 10. Juli 2015

Time past pretty fast

this is my last article about the stay in Madrid. This morning I took my flight back to Germany.
In the four weeks the time past pretty fast.

It was an awesome experience, because of the friendliness and cordiality of the Spanish people. The pleasant office atmosphere was impressive too. I will never forget it.


Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2015

My last week

I enjoyedy my last free day in Madrid  by fantastic weather, at the pool. Thinking about the last four incredible weeks.

At the beginning of my last week I got the chance to start with my presentation, about the four weeks in Madrid. That was really good, because of some points I could ask the employees.

On Tuesday I had the chance to take part in a meeting with the German company "KLINGER Convey". SAIDI checked if this company is suitable for a big contract that will come at the end of this year for new solar plants. Klinger Convey presented a new butterfly valve. I could learn a lot of technical vocabularies.

Today I stayed in the finance department with Olga. She is a student and nearly the same age like me. We archived the bills from the last day. It is the same way like in Germany, they have folders from A to Z and the customers in the folders are sorted by alphabet too. Later we distributed the post. Also not so complicated parts of the work can make fun and are interesting when you do it in a foreign language with a colleague.

Tomorrow is my last day at SAIDI. It was a very great time and I will remind it very positive. Again I can just thank the whole team of SAIDI for their support and the chance for this great experience. Muchas Gracias.


Samstag, 4. Juli 2015

The way to my last weekend

on my last day in Valencia I worked at "Export/ Import" department. They have for example to look, who has to pay the transport costs. This is not to be neglected, because it is sometimes high and you have to think that it adds to a high number.
The Incoterms, which are mentioned in the contract, decide this. All documents of the transport, for example the bill, have to be transfered to the system.

Now this great adventure and absolutely interesting part of my internship has come to an end. It was a pleasure to meet a great and friendly group at SAIDI Valencia.

At the evening I took the train back to Madrid. Later I met with Mencía and Julián. We celebrated a typical Spanish dinner and visited wonderful places at night.
No clubs and all without alcohol! But great!

The next morning I stood at Madrid again with the team of project management. This time we created formulas for excel and updated old lists. The work with excel is usually one of my favor so that I could help them, when somebody could translate the Spanish formula.

Yesterday Mencía showed me how to transfer bills to the system. After a few examples I have done them on my own. I learned that it is absolute important to bring all things into the system. You can for example calculate the order or can reconstruct what was about an order.

Today I was in the city again, because there are "Rebajas", what means that all articles are reduced. After this I recognized that this was a long week and had to take a great extra break.

On Monday starts the last week and I am a bit sad, even if the weather is nearly the same at home.


Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

Work in Valencia

yesterday I started to work at SAIDI Valencia. At first I got presented to everybody. After this the General Manager showed me the company and explained the function of the different departments.
There are five divisions:
The Warehouse, which includes two halls and is divided into projects and daily process.

The "university" is a large room for training courses and meetings.

The service-center modifies or produce few small parts. For example assembling of actuators and manufacturing of mounting kits.

Today I worked at "outsourcing", they prepare offers and documents for the purchase. For the offers it is important that the costumer gets the right product and this is the reason why you have to check the inquiry. For example the application about temperature and working pressure where the valve will be installed. You read a lot of lists before you have the experience to know.

About export/ import I will tell in my next blog, because I will work there tomorrow.

I have to thank the team of Valencia too, for supporting me and beeing so friendly.


Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

The surprise

my last day with Julián was to link article numbers in the software system to the explanations about the parts. This helps all employees in sales department. We also made an announcement in the company about a new colleague. This is something other company's should also think about.

Thursday I got a first overview about product division. All three product managers explained their main focus and daily business to me although they had not much time. A special thanks for that.
Later I had the pleasure to help a young lady in writing an offer to a customer. This must be done in English, but she can only speak Spanish, so we worked perfectly together. We solved this issue great!

To resume, I got a lot of training at SAIDI Madrid. Now it is up to me to help the company with that little knowledge and therefore they had the idea to send me to Valencia. Here is a much bigger office of SAIDI with closer contact to the customers and more products. I will tell you about this experience early next week.

Friday was travel day by train and check-in in a new hotel.

Yesterday I learned much about Valencia by two bus trips one history and another mediterranean.

Today I enjoyed the nice weather at the beautiful beach.

I am looking forward to the coming impressions on Monday and would like to thank the whole team of SAIDI for this opportunity.


Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015

Start in die 2. Woche

on Sunday I enjoyed the sun during a city tour. You people in Germany won't believe everyone on the bus was looking for a place in the shade and at the downtown you see one footpath crowded and one empty, all are looking for the shade. It was really interesting to hear about the history of sights, which I saw before by feet.

My second week started with Mencía at the accounting department. She showed me some analyses about the sales and purchase of SAIDI.
Today I stood again with Julián at the marketing department. We translated a Spanish catalogue into English. Funny that I understood some vocabulary from both :)
Tomorrow it will be the last time to work with Julián. So I can just say "muchas gracias" for his help and everything he shows to me! Ahora Julián va a disfrutar y relajarse en sus vacaciones despues del duro entrenamiento con el chico aleman. 

I will write my next blog at the weekend from a special place ---- be surprised!!


Samstag, 20. Juni 2015

First weekend

on Thursday I got new experience in the marketing departement.
We worked on the internet page of KLINGER Mexico and SAIDI.
 My colleague explained to me how it works and we have done an update.
Friday I tried to support the sales department by handling a claim with Germany.
I helped with my German language what is still much better than English
and extremely better than Spanish. I am working on both!
Again I can only say "gracias" to the people of SAIDI for beeing so friendly.
During the weekend I will explore the city Madrid and try to survive by 35°C.

For example at the pool of my hotel.